Sclerotherapy - Red Vein Treatment for Legs

  1. Not suitable for the face
  2. Not suitable if substantial varicose veins present at area
  3. Half hour treatment at £175
  4. Amount of sessions required depends on level of problem
  5. Usually one to three sessions
  6. Minimum discomfort
  7. Fibrovein liquid is injected superficially into the area
  8. Support stockings from chemist required for immediate use after treatment
  9. Remember to bring them with you
  10. To be worn for 4 days and nights constantly
  11. Then worn for ten days
  12. Exercise by walking immediately afterwards
  13. No weight lifting for two weeks
  14. No steam room for two weeks
  15. The area will look worse for one to three months after treatment
  16. Area will be red, swollen, bruised and can be slightly discoloured
  17. Applying anti hystamin cream to area can help
  18. Do not take Aspirin or Neurofen 48 hrs before treatment as it causes bruising.

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