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Description of treatments

8OTOX : FROM £60 - £460

8otox is a purified toxin used to treat unwanted facial lines and wrinkles. It is a safe nonsurgical treatment that creates a fresher, younger and more relaxed appearance. It is used for frown/forehead lines, 'crows feet' lines around the eyes and also can be used to treat excessive sweating, migraine and depression.

Known as the 'fillers', used to treat lines and wrinkles as well as facial contouring to dramatically take away years, arch the eyebrows, straighten a crooked nose or smooth out an ugly scar as well as giving you the perfect pout.

Whether you would like more volume, refreshed lip-line, more attractive contours, or a more distinctive shape, Restylane can create a look that's noticeably distinct, yet still natural. Restylane adds volume without affecting your natural expression. It is nonpermanent and is absorbed naturally over time - it's your choice when to have further treatment to maintain the effect.

This treatment is for fine and deep lines, can be used as a mini face lift, enhances cheek bones, lifts and arches eyebrows.

This treatment is highly effective in treating the red spider veins that commonly occur on the legs. Treatment is quick and painless.
SKIN PEELS : FROM £100 (individually) or £500 (course of 6)

This non surgical skin resurfacing procedure instantly restores smoother younger looking skin and is great for treating: fine lines and wrinkles, sun damaged skin, acne prone skin, blackheads/ whiteheads, superficial age spots and hyperpigmentation, oily, dry or patchy skin. It can be used on all skin types, young and old, male and female with no recovery time needed.

For prices for any of the above treatments please call The Retreat.

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