Cosmetic Surgery Patient Information

The Consultation

At your first consultation, you will meet an Andie Mcleans Clinic Surgeon and your nominated Patient Support Officer who will facilitate your association with Andie Mcleans Clinic and our partners. Your Patient Support Officer is not a clinician or a sales person. Your Surgeon will discuss all clinical matters. (See below)

At Andie Mcleans Clinic we encourage people to take as much time as possible, in their consultations. Therefore your consultation is never rushed. We also offer a chance for second consultation or even a second opinion form another surgeon if you so desire. Our aim is to carefully listen to your needs and provide thoughtful consultation.

Deciding to enhance your appearance is an important decision so naturally you will want to place it in the safe hands of one of our experts who will help and guide you in making your decision.

The Surgeon

What Experience and Qualifications Does Your Surgeon Have?

All of the surgeons working at and with Andie Mcleans Clinic are fully registered with the General Medical Council, and all are obliged to maintain full private practice medical indemnity insurance with the Medical Defence Union, the Medical Protection Society or other appropriate insurers.

Since April 2002, private healthcare has been regulated by the Healthcare Commission (HCC). HCC has laid down a strict criteria for surgeons allowed to perform cosmetic surgery. All Andie Mcleans Clinic surgeons meet the standards set by HCC. They are all either Fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS); and/or specialist trained. They also hold membership of appropriate cosmetic surgery organisations such as the British Association of Plastic Surgeons (BAPS) or Cosmetic Surgeons (BACS); or alternatively, a comparable overseas organisation. All the surgeons working at Andie Mcleans Clinic are specialists and you are very welcome to ask the surgeon performed.

You are very welcome to see a surgeons' CV and ask about his or her experience.

What Will Happen During Your Consultation With the Surgeon?

The consultation with your surgeon is designed to ensure that you have the time to discuss all aspects of the treatment you are considering.

In order to achieve this aim your surgeon will:

  • Discuss all aspects of your medical and family history in detail and request any pre-operative tests.
  • Give you a thorough physical examination of the relevant area.
  • Try to ascertain your expectations and then discuss realistically, what can actually be achieved.
  • Explain the potential complications and dangers of any form of surgery and anaesthesia. If for any reason the surgeon's discussion with you falls short of your expectations, your Patient Support Officer will be happy to arrange for you to meet with another surgeon for a second opinion.

What Questions Should You Ask?

Please read the attached list carefully and ensure that you get to know the answers to all these important questions before going ahead with surgery.

  • What does the procedure entail?
  • Will there be any scarring and where will it be?
  • Will there be any pain or discomfort during or after the operation?
  • What will be the recovery time?
  • What must I do/not do to ensure a good recovery?
  • Is there a follow-up programme for me after surgery?
  • Should I inform my GP?
  • What are the possible risks and complications associated with the specific surgery I intend to undergo?
  • Surgeon's qualification and experiences.

Cosmetic Surgery: Associated Risks and Conditions

Any operation carries with it the risk of complications. The fact that cosmetic surgery is voluntarily undertaken does not mean that complications may not occur. Your surgeon will discuss the main potential risks of surgery during your consultation. The general risks are as follows.

1. Pain & Discomfort:
All patients will feel sore or uncomfortable for some days after the operation. Pain killers are prescribed for this period. However, pain thresholds vary from patient to patient. You will be provided with a 24-hour on-call service for advice or reassurance.

2. Bruising & Swelling:
All surgery can result in bruising, the extent and length of which varies from patient to patient. This is entirely normal and will settle down naturally. The results of the operation may be obscured by the swelling for some time. The process of healing cannot be hurried and the surgeon will not normally consider further surgery until recovery is complete.

3. Bleeding:
Rarely, post-operative bleeding may occur. Commonly known as "haematoma" it may be necessary to drain this by performing an additional procedure. Andie Mcleans Clinic provides a 24 hour service for any such complications that may arise outside normal office hours.

4. Changes in Sensitivity:
It is fairly common for patients to experience numbness, increased sensitivity or some "strange sensations" on or around any incision areas. Changes in sensitivity are common and almost always pass in time. However, it is not uncommon for a small area to remain permanently numb.

5. Infection:
LINIA has a first class infection control record, but it is still possible, despite all precautions for infections to occur. Andie Mcleans Clinic post-operative care includes a comprehensive package of care in the event of infections, including a 24-hour on-call service for any complications that may arise outside normal office hours.

6. Location and Variable Nature of Scar:
Your surgeon will describe the location and nature of any potential scarring, depending upon the nature of the surgery you require. All prospective patients must be aware that the rate at which their scars may heal and fade is entirely variable and individual. Very rarely, a scar does not heal in the normal way, this is known as hypertrophic scarring. Although this is an unusual problem, it cannot be avoided or diagnosed in advance. However, it may be possible to improve this type of scar by other treatments, should it occur.

7. Revision and Refinement:
Occasionally your surgeon may feel it is appropriate to provide a further procedure to assist in achieving the results originally anticipated. This surgery will be provided in line with Andie Mcleans Clinic and our partner’s readmission policy.

The Importance of Your Medical History:

Providing the full and complete medical history is essential for your personal safety. Your surgeon is only able to provide you with the best advice if you provide him with every aspect of your past medical history; including illnesses; operations; drugs; allergies and any significant family history of disease. If you withhold any relevant information then you are potentially placing your own well-being at risk.

Pre-Operative Screening:

Following your consultation and a review of your past medical history, the surgeon will choose the pre-operative tests he or she considers appropriate to your procedure, these are usually performed by your clinic nurse. The majority of pre-operative tests are routine blood tests. However, if necessary, the surgeon may request further tests including an ECG, various x-rays and scans or an anaesthetic assessment. These further tests may occasionally involve additional fees, although all routine tests and screening programmes are included in your inclusive fee package.

The Role of Your Gp:

Your GP is responsible for your day-to-day healthcare and Andie Mcleans Clinic strongly recommends that you keep him/her advised if you are going to proceed with cosmetic surgery. However, you have every right to keep the matter private if you wish to do so. In certain circumstances, it may be absolutely necessary, prior to surgery, for your surgeon to contact your GP and/or any other relevant specialist that you may have seen previously. This is entirely for your own medical safety. We will require your written consent to contact your GP.

What Arrangements Should I Make if Proceeding With Surgery?

Andie Mcleans Clinic provides a comprehensive booking and administrative service to ensure that you obtain your surgery quickly and efficiently. The process is as follows:

1. Arrange a suitable date for your operation with your Patient Support Officer. Think carefully, taking into account the following:-

  • Time required off work. Usually 7 to 14 days at the most but be sensible. If your job is very physical, or includes driving, take some more time off. Patients with office based jobs, having minor procedures, can often be back to work in 2 or 3 days. Do not schedule your surgery in the week before an important event.
  • Childcare. You may need help with young children for a day or two after surgery.
  • Your fees will need to be paid promptly by the required date. Please make sure your funds are properly organised. Last minute delays can cause unnecessary frustration, and possibly cancellation of your operation.

2. Ensure your GP has been informed of your planned surgery.

3. Arrange to attend for your pre-operative screening with a nurse; and any other tests deemed necessary by the surgeon or anaesthetist.

4. Arrange your transport to the hospital and back home again. Andie Mcleans Clinic can help arrange this for you if necessary. On no account can you drive or travel home alone. Failure to arrange transport home, by a nominated responsible person, may result in the operation being postponed.

5. Prepare an overnight bag to take with you. Read your pre-operative instruction sheet before the day of surgery. This will help prepare you for the operation and suggest what to bring with you and what to leave at home.

6. Call your Patient Support Officer if you need any help or reassurance.

7. Inform your clinic nurse or Patient Support Officer if you have a fever, flu symptoms or a cold, or any other signs of an infection prior to surgery.

The Cromwell Hospital

Post - Operative Care:

Andie Mcleans Clinic provides a comprehensive post-operative care service to ensure your recovery is as swift and problem free as possible:

  • Before your surgeon discharges you from hospital you will be given an instruction sheet explaining what to do and what to avoid doing after your operation.
  • You may be given medication to take over the following week.
  • You will also be given an "on-call" number in the event of a medical query out of hours.
  • An appointment will be made for a check of the wounds for approximately 7-14 days following surgery.
  • An appointment will also need to be made for your first review with your surgeon. Thereafter periodic assessments will be made over the following months.
  • Follow the post operative instructions given to you by our medical team very carefully.
  • It is important that you allow yourself sufficient time for recovery. Rest is clearly important to this process. However, it is vital that you remain relatively active following your operation. DO NOT RETREAT TO YOUR BED.
  • Remember we are always only a phone call away at any stage of the recovery period.
  • Andie Mcleans Clinic provides a unique aftercare programme - once you are a patient of Andie Mcleans Clinic you are a friend for life. All post operative surgery patients are encouraged to keep in contact or attend a free of charge check-up in addition to their routine post-operative review appointments.

The Consent Form and What It Means:

The consent form is designed to ensure that before your operation you and your surgeon are fully agreed as to the procedure that has been planned for you and that you understand all the potential benefits and complications. You will not be able to proceed unless this form is completed.

Period of Reflection:

Cosmetic surgery is a purely elective procedure and careful consideration should be given to both the potential benefits and the risks, before making a decision to proceed. Andie Mcleans Clinic recommends that, following consultation with your surgeon, you allow a period of at least fourteen days before making such a decision.

How to Make Suggestions or to Complain:

In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with any aspect of your treatment please contact your patient support officer who will, in the vast majority of cases, be able to resolve the difficulty. If you make a written complaint we will give a written acknowledgement within 2 working days of receipt of your letter. A full response will be made within 20 working days of receipt of the complaint, or where the investigation is still in progress, a letter explaining the reason for the delay will be sent to the complainant and a full response made within 5 days of a conclusion being reached. A copy of the Company Complaints Policy is available from the Patient Support Manager. We encourage you to provide us with any comments or suggestions you may have about the clinic. A patient satisfaction form will be provided after the surgery to help you to do this. Meanwhile feel free to speak to the manager or write to us with any comments.

Refund Policy

: Any deposits paid before a consultation with the surgeon are fully refundable. Fees paid are partially refundable if surgery is cancelled. Andie Mcleans Clinic will charge or retain the following sums to cover costs if surgery is cancelled within the following time periods:

  • Up to and including 7 days before surgery £1200
  • 6 to 1 working days before surgery 50% of the total fees
  • Day of surgery 95% of the total fees

Readmission Policy (for up to 3 Years After Your Operation):

If, after your operation, you and your surgeon agree that further surgery (as part of the original procedure) is necessary to assist you in achieving the results originally anticipated, Andie Mcleans Clinic and our partners will provide all surgical and hospital services, and nursing care free of charge. If however, your surgeon decides that the results of a surgical procedure are acceptable within the normal limits of surgery, then further surgery at no cost may not be possible. This facility is available to all full-fee paying patients.

After 3 Years:

Even after 3 years, Andie Mcleans Clinic wants to be able to provide continuing aftercare on the most reasonable basis possible. To ensure this, we will assess separately the circumstances of each patient in determining the basis on which further surgery may be provided.